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Women in the art world have come a long way; but unfortunately there is still work to be done. According to Artnet, even today, women artists represent only 2% of the art market. And many institutions and auction houses still cater predominantly to male artists. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to connect with talented female artists and support their work.

Fine Art America, for example, has a large roster of talented female artists who have made it easy for the public to buy their works. This includes beautiful framed prints which are an affordable option for most buyers. Framed prints are the perfect way to bring quality artwork into your home without breaking the bank. Luckily, Fine Art America has a ton of customizations that mean you’ll get the perfect piece of art for your home; and it makes it easier than ever to find and support incredible female creative talent.

From photographers to watercolorists, every female artist featured on the site has a strong vision and perspective that translates into an easily recognizable style. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite female artists from Fine Art America and shared some framed fine art prints that will help you support women in the arts while enhancing your own art collection.

Here are some amazing framed prints from 10 freelance women artists.


Self-taught illustrator Soosh has an impressive following on Instagram. Her nearly 500,000 subscribers watch her closely for her touching illustrations of family life. Some of his works available on Fine Art America include illustrations from his picture books Dad by my side and Mermaid and me.

Soosh Framed Art on Family

Soosh | $ 83 +

Mother and Child Illustration by Soosh

Soosh | $ 79 +

Amy hamilton

Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Amy Hamilton is greatly inspired by the outdoors. She mixes digital and traditional mediums like graphite, gouache and ink to create dreamlike representations of animals and wildlife.

Fox illustration by Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton | $ 68 +

Whale illustration by Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton | $ 81 +

Nina Papiorek

Specializing in landscapes and cityscapes, photographer Nina Papiorek works mainly in black and white. Her masterful use of contrast and lines shines through in the stunning compositions which are so aesthetic they hang beautifully on the wall of any room.

Black and White Photo of a Zebra Framed Print

Nina Papiorek | $ 79 +

Brooklyn Bridge in New York Art Print

Nina Papiorek | $ 88 +

Olga Chvartsur

Known for her portraits, Seattle-based artist Olga Shvartsur also began to experiment with other styles. We particularly like his abstract paintings in alcohol ink, with their layers of soft and delicate colors.

Abstract Iris Gold Foil Framed Print

Olga Chvartsur | $ 97 +

Abstract framed art by Olga Shvartsur

Olga Chvartsur | $ 97 +

Anka Zhuravleva

Russian photographer and painter Anka Zhuravleva currently lives in Portugal, where she creates her fantastic surreal images. Inspired by classical art, her work tells a strong story.

Surreal framed art by Anka Zhuravleva

Anka Zhuravleva | $ 180 +

Surreal framed art by Anka Zhuravleva

Anka Zhuravleva | $ 180 +

Anna Rose Bath

Oil painter Anna Rose Bain draws on her classical roots while infusing her paintings with her own experiences. She often paints women and children in moments of complicity, joy and intimacy.

Little Girls in Tutus Framed Art Print by Amy Bain

Anna Bain | $ 81 +

Mother and Child Framed Art Print by Anna Bain

Anna Bain | $ 89 +

Beverly brown

New York artist Beverly Brown worked for many years as a photographer before trading in her camera for brushes. Passionate about watercolor, she often captures the magical effervescence of New York in her paintings.

Manhattan Skyline Watercolor by Beverly Brown

Beverly Brown | $ 87 +

Watercolor Full Moon and Empire State Building by Beverly Brown

Beverly Brown | $ 96 +

Dorit Fuhg

Art and experimental photographer Dorit Fuhg uses her camera to capture the essence of her subjects. Each photograph is filled with moody emotions, as she explores the world around her.

Black and White Forest Framed Print

Dorit Fuhg | $ 109 +

Ocean Wave Illustration by Dorit Fuhg

Dorit Fuhg | $ 84 +

Priska Wettstein

Swiss artist Priska Wettstein doesn’t like to define himself strictly as a photographer. Inspired by the landscape of the Yukon in Canada, where she now resides, she uses her photographs as a canvas and paints them in Photoshop.

White Flower Art Print by Priska Wettstein

Priska Wettstein | $ 76 +

Bluebell Flower Framed Art Print

Priska Wettstein | $ 78 +

Patricia ariel

Brazilian-American artist Patricia Ariel fuses human figures with expressionist abstractions in the hope of blending reality with the intangible. Focusing mainly on the female figure, she sees her work as a look at the female experience according to her own vision of femininity.

Abstract female face by Patricia Ariel

Patricia Ariel | $ 73 +

Support female artists on Fine Art America

Patricia Ariel | $ 73 +

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