Ads and posters depicting whitewashed women in Kabul as Taliban take control of Afghanistan


Kabul: As the Taliban succeeded in establishing control over Afghanistan on Sunday, a photo emerged on Twitter showing a man covering photos of women painted on a wall in Kabul. Several advertisements of women wearing wedding dresses appear to have been repainted in Kabul after Taliban fighters entered the Afghan capital. The photo in particular shows a man using a roller and white paint to cover large images of women outside a beauty salon.Also Read – ‘We Will Slowly Die in History’: Crying Afghan Girl Shares Fear of Dark Future Under Taliban | To concern

The incident comes despite a claim by a Taliban spokesperson that the militant group will “respect women’s rights,” but also said they will have to wear the hijab in public. A Taliban spokesperson said, “We will respect the rights of women. Our policy is that women have access to education and work, that they carry the hijab.

The photograph was posted on Twitter Sunday by an Afghan journalist:

Reports from areas captured by the Taliban indicate that women are already not allowed to leave their homes without a male companion and that some female employees have been told that their work is now carried out by men. Women in these areas are also told to wear the burqa. The incident is a sign that the rights acquired by Afghan women over the past 20 years may be reversed, now that the Taliban have come to power.

One user wrote: “This image predicts the grim future of women in Afghanistan. Indeed, for all of Afghanistan. How to go back to the past… ”

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

The fate of women under the Taliban

Under the former Taliban regime, Afghan women were not allowed to work, study, or be treated by male doctors unless accompanied by a male chaperone. Notably, the activists practiced a version of Sharia law that included stoning for adultery, amputating limbs for theft, and banning girls from going to school beyond the age of 12. Those who broke the laws risked imprisonment, public flogging and even execution.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement that “Afghanistan is spiraling out of control” and the conflict “claims even more lives among women and children,” according to a Daily Mail article. It is particularly horrific and heartbreaking to see reports of the hard-won rights of Afghan girls and women being taken from them, ”he added.

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