Art Brand Studio: a licensed portrait


With more than licensees, cross-channel marketing that includes everything from web and print to event management and targeted multimedia campaigns, Art Brand Studios is a leading publisher of art programs. branded in limited and open edition wall decorations, gifts and collectibles. The company has strategic art licenses with some of the world’s biggest brands, selling through a network of art galleries and marketplaces eBay and Amazon, cruise ships, theme parks, direct response television and their exclusive direct mail catalogs and websites.

“Through our Strategic Art Creation Program, we practice a skillful method of seamlessly blending the work of the most recognizable artists with the world’s biggest consumer brands,” said Kristen Barthelman, senior vice president, Art Brand Studios. “Our proven technique allows us to provide you with art that will enrich your life, reaffirm your beliefs and beautify your home for years to come. Art Brand Studios offers a host of high-level services to ensure the success of our relationship, starting by the artist, to the buyer. For over 30 years we have focused on publishing, licensing and marketing. We have established ourselves as thought leaders in production, promotion and distributing artwork to consumers on the web, social media, through direct mail catalogs and in galleries around the world. Art has the ability to evoke emotions, inspire new thoughts and ideas , and to light up the imaginations of young and old alike. We are passionate about art because we want to make a difference in the world by granting the original universal language of art the capacity to speak to all hearts , through all mediums. ”

The brand studies carried out by Art Brand Studios in recent years have mainly placed their population among collectors between the ages of 30 and 55. As they added branded art programs, their demographics rejuvenated and attracted more male collectors, especially for some of their new entertainment properties. With the COVID-19 pandemic further distorting this demographics, the company has prepared to offer new licensed products that it had not previously exploited.

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