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Go big or go home. While standard printers do well at printing standard-sized documents and photos, if you want something that can handle large-scale prints, you’ve got a job for a wide-format printer. Ideal for printing large-scale photos, posters, architectural drawings, technical diagrams and construction plans, a large format printer is essential for many classrooms, offices and studios. No matter what size document you want to produce, large format printers preserve every detail for crisp, clear printing. To help you in your search, we’ve put together a group of the best large format printers below. Browse our selection and choose the perfect product for you.

1. Canon Large Format Inkjet Printer

From the famous Canon photography brand, a high quality wireless printer is available at a reasonable price. Capable of printing a 24-inch by 36-inch poster in just 27 seconds, this product has fast printing capability and can print 104 large-scale documents in an hour. Programmed with free poster-making software and factory-packed with a full set of inks, you can start designing and printing right away. The touchscreen interface offers easy operation and the intuitive setup process only takes about 20 minutes.

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Canon large format inkjet printer


2. HP DesignJet Large Format Printer

Coming in a sleek white colour, this printer doesn’t print with the same speed as the option above, but its 35-second print capability is nothing to sneeze at. Wireless printing capability lets you print directly from mobile devices, and the built-in automatic horizontal cutter creates a clean cut every time. A color touchscreen allows for intuitive operation and setup.

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HP DesignJet Large Format Printer

3. Epson Expression Photo Wireless Large Format Printer

Educators looking for a large format printer on a budget will appreciate both the quality and price of this model. Available at a fraction of the price of other options on the list, this device produces professional quality borderless prints up to 13 by 19 inches. Able to accommodate a variety of paper finishes and borderless sizes, the ultra-compact form factor is 30% smaller than comparable printers, making it easy to fit on a desktop. The six-color HD ink pack includes red and gray inks, for a wide color gamut and improved black-and-white prints. For added convenience, the printer is programmed with a dash refill code that keeps track of your ink usage and automatically orders more when you run out of ink.

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Epson Expression Wide Format Wireless Photo…


4. Epson SureColor inkjet printer

Capable of printing borderless sheets up to 13 inches wide, this printer comes preloaded with a full set of eight UltraChrome HD inks. Easily print from any device, including mobile phones, with this model’s wireless printing technology. The LCD touchscreen is easy to use, and an advanced black-and-white print mode delivers ultra-sharp, dimensional black-and-white prints.

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Epson SureColor inkjet printer


5. Canon PRO-2000 imagePROGRAF Printer

This rugged, professional-grade printer is the real deal. The kind of model you might see behind the counter at The Sharper Image or Kinko’s, this unit is mounted on a rolling frame. Programmed with state-of-the-art technology that gives you a complete overview of your design layout, this printer is also designed with plug-ins from the Microsoft suite for easy transfer from computer to printer. Capable of printing documents up to 24 inches wide in almost any length, it’s a great model for printing panoramas or banners. Factory packed with starter inks and printhead, it’s ready to go as soon as you complete the starter functions.

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Canon PRO-2000 imagePROGRAF Printer


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