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NEW YORK (CBSNew York) – A powerful artistic project is underway at DUMBO.

The goal is to bring the community together in the face of the challenges that many have faced.

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The project is called “Murals for the Movement” and it winds through DUMBO.

Local black and Latino artists paint murals in response to social injustice.

Marka’s play 27 is called “Back to the Essence, Brooklyn”. It is a celebration of the African diaspora.

“We are consistently viewed as victims throughout history,” he said. “People don’t really look at our strong heritage, our strengths, our beauty, our pride, our culture. We come from an immense wealth in terms of culture, history, spirituality.

Sophia Dawson paints her mural inside a studio until it is ready to be installed outside. His play is called “Standing in the Gap” and shows different generations fighting for freedom.

“And so we’re moving from the 60s to 2021. This young girl, her name is Zara,” Dawson said.

Dawson saw her praying in church and says that the spiritual struggle for social justice is just as important as the physical struggle.

“I pray that when people see my work, they go from spectators to advocates and realize that we all have a role to play in everything that needs to be done, especially regarding injustice and that there is no nothing too small you can do, “she said.

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The project is sponsored by the Downtown Brooklyn + Dumbo Art Fund. Alexandria Sica says DUMBO is the perfect space for murals.

“DUMBO has been a very big backdrop for many demonstrations, marching on the bridge,” she said.

Cey Adams’ mural is called “Love,” and he’s painted them all over the country.

“The response has always been excellent. I have seen people propose in front of them. I saw people coming back from funerals in front of them, ”he said.

His job makes just about everyone smile, and he’s not looking for credit. In fact, he never signs his pieces.

“It’s something that everyone understands. It’s not about me. It’s about us, ”Adams said.

“So you are very humble besides being very talented,” Hsu said.

“Thanks. I appreciate it,” Adams said.

And thank you to the amazing artists.

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The official unveiling of the “Murals for the Movement” will take place on November 4th.

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