Canvas prints in 2022 and beyond

The surge in popularity of canvas prints over the past few years has been felt across the industry. But is this upward trend likely to continue in 2022?

Nowhere has the adage “change is the only constant” been more accurate than in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of personalized printing.

The industry has flourished in recent years, in part due to the growing demand for bespoke experiences that has transformed so many service industries.

But the point is – to put it in plain words – that there are only a limited number of pieces for hanging canvas prints. So, is the market approaching saturation? At, we believe this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, we believe there is still room for significant growth. Canvas remains a niche product, so for a company wishing to invest in quality and customer relations, the sky is really the limit. is a Canadian custom printing service with years of industry experience. It was canvas prints that first made our name, and which remain our flagship product.

With our ever-growing ranks of loyal customers, is a testament to the longevity and potential of canvas prints.

Canvas prints offer the best of all worlds
So what explains the growing popularity of canvas prints?

Consumers have always wanted to turn their own photos into wall decoration – and the quality of canvas prints has reached new heights in recent decades. Plus, canvas prints can now be done without the use of solvents – at, for example, we only use HP’s latex inks.

We also believe that the combination of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship used in the canvas production process presents a unique appeal to consumers.

Most of the printing process may now be automated – with advancements in technology ushering in the era of mass personalization – but a personalized canvas print is by definition unique. Meanwhile, each wooden stretcher frame is assembled by hand, and each canvas is rolled up on its frame by an experienced craftsman.

Canvas prints represent a timeless quality
Besides being affordable and widely available, the demand for canvas prints owes a lot to people’s desire for authentic experiences.

In today’s world, many of us feel overwhelmed by the plethora of virtual storage services. People feel that digital media is becoming the sole repository of our photographic memories – and they feel resistance to it. Photo printing, especially on a format as tactile as canvas, represents a link with tradition.

And of course, the canvas simply makes a beautiful interior decoration. The range of custom home decor products could expand, with budget alternatives such as posters as well as high end options such as aluminum prints, but no other product offers the value for money of the Web.

So will 2022 be the year the wind turns against canvas prints? No luck, in fact the opposite is likely to be true.

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