Decorate your home with canvas prints for summer 2022

Summer 2022 is fast approaching. And when it comes to home decor, nothing suits the summer months better than canvas prints. Exotic travels, music festivals, starry nights, summer offers a multitude of opportunities to take pictures to print on canvas. And if you are looking for a high quality low cost supplier, got you covered.

Celebrate summer with great memories from the past

Nowadays, our cameras document almost every aspect of our lives. And never more so than on classic summer adventures like music festivals and road trips across the country. But the snaps we take on those heady days don’t always get the public exposure they deserve.

To welcome the summer of 2022 – the first in a long time when we can really spread our wings – try decorating your walls with photos showing the highlights of summers past.

Whether it’s you and your best friends going wild at an outdoor concert or an unforgettable trip abroad, canvas prints will do justice to those good memories you have hidden away on your phone or cloud storage.

But what if you have several perfect shots and you can’t decide?

Do not worry. There is no need to choose between your favorites if you have your photos printed with

All your summers in one place with a collage on canvas

A canvas photo collage is a brilliant solution if you just can’t choose between a number of glossy photos – giving you the option of printing them all on one canvas print.

With dozens of layouts and color combinations to choose from, a photo collage will be your very own summer mood board. You can change the text content and add cool features like background patterns and photo “masks”.

You can include up to eight photos on your canvas, enough to hold all of your fondest summer memories. Just select the images, upload them to the website and choose one of the creative design templates.

Your canvas collage will be delivered right to your doorstep, and all you have to do is find the perfect spot to display your brand new wall art.

For those who prefer multiple prints

If you’d rather stick to one summer photo per canvas print, but hang multiple prints together in a unified arrangement, don’t miss the canvas wall displays.

With as few as three and up to seven individual images in varying shapes and sizes, a canvas wall display from is an easy way to create a themed gallery wall. Suggested layouts are provided with overall height and width measurements, and are suggested for a range of positions around the home: above the sofa, for example, or climbing up the stairs.

As with the canvas collage, you can play around with different themes – create a photo gallery showing you and your friends enjoying peaceful summers over the years.

Canvas Discount Website design a place

Design a place where summer lasts all year round

Summer really has it all. Floods of light, nature in full bloom, a night sky that offers a majestic spectacle. A photo that captures just a small part of that magic will be an inspiring presence on the wall of any home.

So why not banish the post-summer blues with some beautiful wall decorations that will keep your place sunny and warm all year round?

Images of marvelous sunsets, beautiful coastlines, palm trees and summer meadows are sure to awaken your senses even when the skies outside are gray in autumn.

And a shot of the stars taken at midnight on a camping trip in August will always bring a rousing burst of freedom when you’re cooped up during the colder months.

Keep weight to a minimum

Keep weight to a minimum

Regular canvas prints tend to come ready to use on an internal wooden frame called a stretcher frame. They look fantastic and are reliably sturdy – but while the wood used is usually a lighter option like pine, the fact is that any wooden frame will be reasonably heavy.

So if you are looking for a lighter alternative, we recommend a new trend on the canvas market also available on the canvas wall hanging. Instead of being stretched over a frame, the canvas is suspended between two pairs of thin wooden bars. The sides of the print are left completely borderless.

The construction is ingenious – the wooden bars are equipped with magnetic strips and they hold the canvas in place thanks to the magnetic pull which holds them together. And the top pair of bars are fitted with a leather-effect cord (weighing just a few ounces!) that can easily be hung on a nail to hang the print on the wall.

Why is one of the nation’s most popular custom printing services. With over 10 million (!) impressions sold, the shop has built a reputation for affordable and friendly service.

With canvas prints ready to ship just 24 hours after your order is complete and an entry price of just $5, you’ll save time and money. And there are no compromises when it comes to production either. The technology used in the printing and the materials used for the canvas and the frame are of the highest quality.

Follow our advice, order your new wall art right away and adopt the summer aesthetic at the start of the year. After all, the last two kind of fell by the wayside, so we deserve one that lasts a little longer this year!

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