Easy Canvas Prints Review – Quality Canvas Photo Printing Service?


Easy Canvas Prints is an online photo service that offers multiple canvas sizes to beautifully display important photographs. Users can customize everything in their order, even border and color effects.

What are easy canvas prints?

The images tell a story. Whether the photos are from a family vacation, a night out with friends, or just a candid moment, these photos are exactly how consumers can tell a story of their lives, and there is nothing better than to be able to display these photos throughout the house. While a framed photo can do wonders for a more contemporary home, canvas pictures provide a more modern and original look.

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Canvas painting and other forms of canvas artwork make a bold statement, but not everyone is an art connoisseur. In addition, it is much more personal to imagine the family than a work of art by someone the individual does not know when decorating the house. Easy canvas prints allow consumers to turn any of their images into a canvas image.

The creators of this website strive to help consumers get their images on canvas with a level of quality that is often only seen in museums. Customers can choose from one of the predetermined sizes, which range from 8 “x 8” to 30 “by 40”. However, they can also customize the print to fit the shape they specifically want.

How To Order Photos From Easy Canvas Prints

The first step in ordering one of these prints is to upload the image the user wants to put on the canvas. Images can be uploaded from computer, Facebook profile or Instagram account. Once the customer chooses their photo, they can rotate it or change the crop to suit their preferences.

Once on the Easy Canvas Prints website, users will also need to select the size, which will determine the overall cost of the prints. Typically, the website charges $ 74.37 for a single 8 “x 8” portrait, but a big sale is posted on the website, which saves over 80% on the order.

Choose from:

  • 8 × 8 inch canvas: $ 11.15
  • 11 × 14 inch canvas: $ 16.74
  • 12 × 12 inch canvas: $ 16.74
  • 16 × 20 inch canvas: $ 22.12
  • 18 × 24 inch canvas: $ 27.89
  • 24 × 36 inch canvas: $ 39.06
  • 30 × 40 inch canvas: $ 47.42

Users can also choose to create a custom shape for their order, although this cost is calculated at checkout.

After choosing the canvas and size, users will be able to choose from several packaging options. First of all, the website offers standard wrapping (which is simply thin wrapping around the artwork) or gallery wrapping (which is 1.5 inches deep). Users can also choose a frame, starting at $ 34.99. Current options include:

  • Classic brown
  • Classic black
  • Modern brown
  • Modern black
  • Modern white
  • Brazilian barn wood
  • Metallic silver

However, the frame is completely optional and there is no need to install the part. For the back, users will have the choice of an open back or a dust cover.

Before adding the order to the user’s cart, the user also chooses a border (mirror, black, gray or white) and a color effect (none, black and white or sepia).


Frequently Asked Questions About Easy Canvas Prints

Will the canvas withstand the elements outside?

Each of the canvases is intended for indoor use only. As long as the user keeps them out of direct sunlight, the quality will remain for quite a long time.

What should users do to keep their canvas clean?

Considering the high quality of these canvases, users will not have to worry about issues like smudges, scratches or fingerprints. With a soft, dry cloth, users can remove dust build-up quite easily. Any damage or deep cleaning requires a lightly dampened cloth. Users can touch up scratches with paint or a felt tip marker.

What file formats can I use on the website?

Currently no image file can exceed 20MB. The website can use PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF files.

How is each canvas packed?

Each box is designed to keep the canvas protected and in good condition during shipping. The designers place it in a plastic bag to reduce the risk of moisture damage, mostly in the middle of the box. If extra effort is needed to keep it stable, the creators will retract it through a tampon.

Are there any restrictions on the type of photo the customer can request to place on canvas?

Users can download photographs, paintings, and digital art to print onto the canvas. While the creators do not specifically state that there are restrictions on content, the company has the right to refuse to print any order deemed to be “questionable” in nature. Additionally, users must be the copyright owner of the image for it to be reprinted.

How to hang the canvas?

Sawtooth hangers are applied to frames over 36 inches long on the back of each canvas. Users can access a tutorial on hanging the canvas here: https://www.easycanvasprints.com/wall-hanging-system.

What is the turnaround time for Easy Canvas Prints orders?

The canvases are hand stretched in Austin, Texas, and offer several delivery options, depending on how quickly the user wishes to receive their order. Some expedited orders may arrive in approximately 2 days, although full delivery options are listed at checkout. Users who place orders after 4:00 p.m. CST will not see their order officially placed until the next day.

Customers will receive a tracking number with confirmation of their shipment.

The customer service team can answer any other questions or concerns by calling:


Easy Canvas Prints offers users the unique opportunity to place any image on the canvas size of their choice. Users can display any family photo or candid image in a more artful and inspiring way than a traditional frame, although they also have the option of adding a frame to the canvas. With their choice of color, frame, size and border, this personalized gift can currently be ordered for sale on the official website.

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