Employer Loan 1 Housing: Conditions and Rates

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Employer Loan 1 Housing: Conditions and Rates

The conditions for obtaining

Reserved for borrowers who work in a company with more than 10 employees and retirees for less than 5 years, the employer loan (or employer) allows you to benefit from a subsidized rate at 1.50% excluding insurance, see slightly higher next the organization that proposes it.

The employer loan is reserved for first-time borrowers who invest in a principal residence (acquisition or works), as well as those who are forced to move within the framework of a professional mobility.

It is income-tested and can only be granted in addition to other mortgages. In any case, its amount remains limited and could in no way be sufficient for the purchase of housing.

You can benefit from the employer loan if your real estate project meets one of the conditions below:

  • You buy a building plot for the purpose of building a house.
  • You have built on a land owned by you.
  • You buy a new apartment.
  • You buy in the old one an apartment or a house of more than 20 years, on which you must carry out works which represent at least 20% of the total investment.
  • You buy in the old an apartment or a house without work.
  • Repayment of the spouse’s income after a divorce.
  • Acquisition of a life annuity property provided that it is occupied as a principal residence.
  • You waive the purchase option following a lease agreement.
  • You are a tenant of an HLM housing for which you have applied for an acquisition.
  • You plan to do some energy saving work in your main home.
  • You plan to carry out upgrading work in your main residence.
  • You plan to carry out work to make housing accessible to the disabled.
  • You are planning expansion.
  • You buy a room that you turn into housing.
  • Option waiver of PSLA (Social Rent-Accession Loan)
  • You must also respect a ceiling of resources. Thus, your reference tax income must not exceed the PLI (Logement Logement Accession) resource ceiling. On the other hand, the result of the energy performance diagnosis must be at least D level.

Namely : the name “1% housing” comes from the contribution rate originally planned at the time of the creation of the employer loan in 1953. Today, companies only devote more than 0.45% of payroll under “Employer Participation in Construction Effort” (only if more than 20 employees). It is therefore not the interest rate.

The company pays the amount of his contribution organisms known as C ommittees I nterprofessionnels L ccommodation (CIL) where to chambers of commerce and industry (CCI)

Resource ceiling

The revenue cap depends on the geographical area. Take the reference tax income of N-2 or N-1 (the most favorable for the borrower).

Ceilings can be increased by € 5,000 if the request is made within the framework of a professional mobility and € 16,000 in case of realization of works making accessible the housing to the disabled.

The amount of the aid

The amount of the aid

There are no rules for determining the amount of the employer loan and there is no guarantee that you will get it. Indeed, everything depends on the choices of the company and the sums available at the time you make the request.

This is why it must be considered as a supplementary loan in the same way as a PTZ plus or a home savings loan. On the other hand, the repayment term is generally around 15 years, but can be up to 20 years depending on the collector organization.

Important : the amount available to the company can be used both for home ownership and social rental.


You must apply to the company or request a file from CIL. When in a couple of borrowers each works in a different company, it is possible to ask to cumulate two helpers.

Important: it is difficult to obtain a delegation of insurance on the employer loan because the collectors still resist the Lagarde Law. Do not hesitate to remind the CIL of your rights in this area and play the competition.

Our advice

Be aware that under certain circumstances, you may be forced not to use the employer loan if the duration of the loan is too short compared to that of the main credit. The interest of smoothing home loans depends on several factors and it is imperative to have a precise study done by your bank with and without the benefit of the aid before making a decision.

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