Fan Art imagines Daniel Radcliffe as an obscure spot of the villainous Spider-Man

Daniel Radcliffe is often known to have portrayed heroic roles like Harry Potter in the Wizards franchise, or his other roles in television, film, and on stage. One Marvel fan has decided that despite his heroic resume, Radcliffe might succeed in playing a Spider Man villain in the MCU.

Radcliffe has had an illustrious career since he rose to fame after his performances throughout the Harry potter franchise. With the cast of a fan, maybe it’s time for Radcliffe to join the expanding Marvel Universe in the Spider-Man movies.


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The art created by a m.design34 puts Radcliffe in the role of Spot, who possesses powers that none of the live-action versions of Spider-Man have ever had to face. In the image created, some of Spot’s awesome powers can be seen, including the use of his space warps. These distortions allow Spot to move parts of his body or himself entirely into space, surprising his opponents with attacks they can never see coming. In the upper left corner, Radcliffe’s fist can be seen appearing through one of these chains.

In the photo, Radcliffe is wearing a costume that differs from the comic book and animated versions of the villain. The typical black and white Dalmatian costume has been replaced by black and gray armor. To help bring this comedic villain to life, the artist took inspiration from some of the MCU’s pre-existing characters, including Doctor Strange and Electro. Across Radcliffe’s chest is what appears to be an energy source that Radcliffe’s version of Spot draws in order to use his powers in the deadliest way possible. The power source and the vest it’s attached to are built much like the new Electro costume worn by Jamie Foxx in Spider-Man: No Path Home. The spatial distortions that appear around Radcliffe’s Spot share a similar appearance with the portals Doctor Strange often opens during battle.

Spot is one of the comic book villains who hasn’t received any form of live-action adaptation. Aside from his appearances in Marvel Comics, Spot has only appeared on television twice. In the 90s, Spot appeared in the animated series Spider Man, where he was voiced by Oliver Muirhead. Her second appearance is in another animated form, this time in the 2017 Spider Man series where he was voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Now that the MCU is starting to move away from the heroes and villains who have played a fundamental role in shaping the current Marvel landscape, there is room for Spot to appear in the MCU. Spot’s comic book ties to Kingpin, Spider-Man villains like Doc Ock, and other members of the Sinister Six suggest Spot could become a deadly member of the MCU. The growing problems caused by the multiverse could justify its appearance at some point, although that probably isn’t to help Spider-Man, Daredevil, or any of Marvel’s other heroes.

Spider-Man: No Path Home is now playing in theaters.

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Source: m.design34 / Instagram

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