Gallery Wrap vs Museum Wrap


Sunrise Offers Museum and Gallery Wrapping

In a gallery, the image extends beyond the front display area and wraps around the side edge of the frame.

Putting photos on canvas is an effective way to extend the potential of images beyond conventional photo prints. Canvas on frame turns photos into decorative wall art for residential and commercial spaces with little extra effort. Professional artists and photographers have used the canvas to display and present their work for ages, but thanks to Sunrise’s advanced digital printing process, their use is no longer limited to professionals. Two edge profiles are available – 0.75 “for a nice contemporary look or 1.5” rugged for a more substantial feel.

Sunrise Hitek is delighted to offer two different ways to wrap canvas prints. The first of these is gallery wrapping. Gallery Wrapped Canvas is a great way to preserve wedding photos, family portraits, and other images and artwork for a lifetime and protect them from weathering, tears, and fading https: // -Frame. In a gallery, the image extends beyond the front display area and wraps around the side edge of the frame.

The second way to wrap is museum wrap. In museum packaging, the image is only on the front display area, and the side edge of the frame can be any solid color, usually black or white. It looks more like a traditional picture frame, hence the name museum envelope.

Sunrise is a smart choice for canvas printing and packaging as they have years of experience and advanced presses and technologies as well as:

  • Archival quality poly-cotton blend canvas
  • G7 Qualified Master Printer Giclée Art Printing Process
  • Download personal artwork or select from our artwork image library
  • Guaranteed no fading forever
  • 1.5 “thick stretcher bars

About Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC.

Sunrise Hitek is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and uses the most advanced equipment and technologies, such as HP Indigo and UV G7 certified flatbed presses, laser engraving and cutting digital. , to create color printing products, small-run packaging, POP retail displays and premium signage products. Privately owned, the company is based in Chicago and sells products around the world.

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