How to buy canvas photo prints: how much do they cost and in what sizes are they available?


Finding your perfect canvas print has never been easier, thanks to the number of sites selling all kinds of prints including fine art, graphics and photo prints. Choosing a stylish canvas that complements your home’s interior design is now as easy as a quick Google search.

Creatives will be happy to hear that many sites (like Mixbook, CanvasPop, and Great Big Canvas) allow you to upload your own photo images to make prints. You can show your photographs and drawings on the walls of your house or give them to a friend. Some providers even allow you to make collages on canvas!

We’re about to explain the ins and outs of buying canvas for anyone interested in acquiring a print. We will look at the factors that influence canvas printing purchases, including print size, cost, and display, so that you can find the best canvas printing services for your needs.

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How much do canvas prints cost?

The price of canvas prints varies, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the amount you pay will reflect the quality of the product you receive, with the more expensive services consistently providing a better product.

Custom prints were traditionally a luxury purchase, but nowadays there are plenty of low-budget printing services that offer custom options, with some large grocery stores (like Walmart) moving to the field. This makes for a fantastic idea to send as a photo gift.

You can get an economical canvas print for as low as $ 6.99 or pay over $ 300 for a gallery quality canvas print. Beyond that, you can pay even more if you want fancy frames as well.

What size are canvas prints available in?

Most canvas printing sites sell prints of the same size, the smallest being 8 x 12 inches and the largest being 24 x 34 inches.

8 x 12 inch A4 prints are the size of A4 paper and are more suitable for a room with small walls, such as a home office, than a larger room, which usually requires statement printing. The 12 x 16 inch A3 prints are a good size for the walls of multiple prints as they are large enough to be eye-catching but not large enough to dominate a space.

The larger statement prints come in two sizes: 16 x 24 inches and 24 x 34 inches. Both look great as a print above a sofa or behind a bed, but which size you should choose depends on the size of your room and how much space you want the print to dominate.

How do I display my canvas print?

Most people advise displaying your canvas print in a single or multiple panel setup. A single panel print is a canvas print, usually in a larger size, displayed as a centerpiece in a larger room in the house, such as a bedroom or living room. Simply choose the photo, illustration or image you desire and have it printed in the style of your choice.

Multi-panel prints are a single print spread over multiple canvases. They also make a big statement in large rooms and are a fashionable way to display distinct and graphic images, like abstract paintings or photographs with a singular purpose.

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How much to buy canvas photo prints

These days, it’s easy to find a canvas print in the size you want, at a price you’re comfortable paying. You can usually find a canvas print as small as an A4 sheet of paper (8×12 inches) and as large as 24×34 inches, which is about as big as a widescreen TV.

Remember, if you are looking for a canvas print that will last a lifetime, it is worth paying a little more as the price is indicative of quality in this industry.

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