Justice League gets an awesome overhaul and a new roster in new fan art

The Justice League has never looked better than in new fan art from illustrator Gabriel Larragán that gives the team a new look and composition.

The Justice League is overdue for a makeover in more ways than one. A piece of fan art from a talented artist not only gives the team stunning new designs, but also an exciting lineup that could seriously change their game.

DC Comics’ greatest assortment of heroes have been protecting their universe for years. From the moment they banded together to defeat Starro the Conqueror, heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have used their combined power to defeat truly powerful foes. And while the team had some serious firepower, the composition isn’t exactly cohesive. Members of the Justice League may vary depending on who is available or alive to add to its ranks. Over the years, the League has had very different variations such as its International and Detroit incarnations, with each generation having its own unique roster.


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And a hypothetical composition by illustrator Gabriel Larragán found some pretty unique makeup for the team and gave them some amazing shakes to boot. On by Gabriel Larragan Twitter, the artist posted a message that read, in part, “I’m playing with my justice league designsA series of images accompanies the message showing the redesigned heroes of Larragán. The first is the Trinity of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman. kingdom come-influenced Superman. The second image features a Wally West Flash, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, a very alien Martian Manhunter, and spirit animal Vixen. Larragán’s latest generation of heroes are Green Arrow with his classic beard, a noticeably shorter Blue Beetle, Zatanna in his classic stage magician attire, and the ever-confident Booster Gold. As impressive as the lineup is, the artist promises more by saying “still need to add a few more characters.

Even without any additional heroes, users have already expressed their support for the lineup featured in this Justice League fan art. With over ten thousand likes, Larragán clearly struck a chord with fans. It doesn’t hurt that the artist got super creative with the teams’ designs. But what really works with the hypothetical list is how well balanced it is.

The tricky part for a good lineup of superheroes is finding that right mix of powers. The DC Universe has no shortage of heroes who can take on powerful villains on their own, but throwing a few strong characters into a team isn’t enough. Ideally, the heroes selected to be members of the Justice League should represent the wide variety found in the DCU. Larragán’s lineup does a great job of balancing magical, sci-fi/alien, and street heroes. Not only would this give the team a diverse power set, but it would make for a much more engaging read for fans. Hope there will be a Justice League which looks like Gabriel Larragán fan art in the future.

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Source: Gabriel Larragan

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