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LACONIA – Like many of those who grew up in the Lake District, Joël Folliard has fond memories of the colonial theater. So when he came across some old posters at a real estate sale, he picked them up. Then, when he learned that the historic site was going to be renovated, he decided to have the posters made new prints and donate them to the Colonial.

Folliard will present the fingerprints to City Council on Monday evening.

“I specifically bought them because they were from the Colonial, and the Colonial was the first place I went to see a movie,” Folliard said. He now lives in Merrimack, but grew up in Moultonborough as one of seven children. Being part of such a large family, it was rare for him to spend time alone with his mother, but that’s exactly what happened one day in 1965, when Folliard was five, and the two went see The Sound of Music, which had just been released.

“We went to the Colonial a lot when I was growing up. Back then Laconia was where you would go to do all your shopping if you lived in the area, so we would go to the movies regularly, ”he said. Her family continued to visit the theater after it was split into three different theaters, the last visit being to see a re-released version of Fantasia.

He stumbled across all four advertising posters for the Colonial about seven years ago at a sale in Moultonborough, and negotiated a price for the lot of them. One is from 1935, two from 1936 and the last from 1939. Stars on the posters include Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts, Laurel and Hardy, and an in-person appearance of “Popeye the Sailor Man”. They weren’t in the best condition – one was particularly rough and had been used as a coloring page by someone with a pencil – but they reminded him of his childhood excursions to Laconia.

“I bought them on sale, framed them and hung them in my condo in Merrimack. Then I heard rumors about restoring the Colonial, ”he said. When the city pledged to support the project with all its weight, he reached out to City Hall with an offer, which was easily accepted.

On the advice of a friend, Folliard brought the posters to Photosmith Imaging in Dover, who took pictures of the posters, and then, with the magic of photo editing software, the imperfections and pencil marks were removed. and the images have been refined. The result is posters that look brand new. Folliard then had the posters mounted so that they could be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

“It was actually pretty fun,” Folliard said, to learn more about the process and observe the progress. “It really looks awesome.”

Folliard has worked in local restaurants for many years and now serves as a customer service professional for Fidelity Investments. He would like to see downtown Laconia regain the position it occupied when he went to see The Sound of Music – a regional magnet of culture and commerce, and he sees the restoration of the Colonial as part of what it is. he calls the “reinvention” of the city. “

“I do it because I can help, in a way, to run this theater and get people to go there,” Folliard said.

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