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“I was teaching at the Rainbow Center in Blue Springs,” she said. “It’s a school for children with intellectual disabilities. I was teaching science and art and working with a little girl. She said, ‘I can’t do this.’ I asked why and she replied: “I am bipolar”. I said, ‘Yes you can, because I can do it and I’m bipolar.’ At that point, I made my peace with my mental illness and God.

Dickerson chuckled at the circle his life had drawn through the painting of skeletons. She recalls her days at Northwestern State University.

“As students we would go out to cemeteries in Louisiana that were really old and drawing,” she said.

After telling her family that she had the exhibit in the library, one of Dickerson’s grandchildren requested to put an item into the collection. As a result, Dickerson asked all of his grandchildren to contribute, and three of the children’s works are included. It also has several ceramics on display in another section of the library that follow the skeleton theme.

Asked about the inspiration for his paintings, Dickerson didn’t really get a single answer.

“Some people call it synchronicity and others call it the power of the universe,” she said. “I call him God. I don’t really mean that my paintings are of divine inspiration, because it’s selfish to me. Some people might not think that skeletons are very spiritual,

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