Lush bushy tapestries document ecological changes in Argentinian landscapes


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#Argentina #rugs #landscapes #rugs #tapestry #textiles

March 25, 2021

Anna Marques

All images © Alexandra Kehayoglou, shared with permission

Artist Alexandra Kehayoglou (previously) creates exquisite pieces of flowing textiles that refer to the rugged landscapes of his native Argentina. In the creation of each tapestry, Kehayoglou transforms the excess carpet fabric into natural elements ranging from a spectrum of earth-colored mosses to clusters of trees and serpentine rivers that run through the heart of his weavings. Intertwined in each piece are fragments of the artist’s own memories, including witnessing the slow receding of rivers and changes to the Argentinian grasslands.

His latest works, a series entitled Prayer mat, depict animal footprints and small vegetative features of the The wetlands of Parana located 50 kilometers from Buenos Aires. In recent years, the region’s biodiversity has been decimated by the wood and paper industries, which have facilitated the growth of non-native plant species that have since spread uncontrollably. Additionally, man-made fires wreaked havoc in 2020, as cattle simultaneously trampled the once lush grasslands.

Kehayoglou’s pieces document the foliage that survived after years of this widespread exploitation and how, over time, local wildlife began to reappear: thistles grow through cracks in the dry land, deer leave traces. mud and chirping insects dance on the young leaves. . The works of art tell of the change and growth of the wetland, reflecting the pain caused by capitalism while transforming the need for change into tapestries that refer to the hope of Argentines. Kehayoglou says:

The isolation made me think of my carpets as spaces where new forms of activism could be implemented. A type of activism that, instead of focusing on a paranoid conflict, was silent, absorbing and, as I believe, more effective. My rugs thus became instruments for documenting “minor” aspects of the earth, which were otherwise overlooked as irrelevant. A focus on his micro-stories which would open new doors for possible ecological futures.

You can see more of the artist’s rich tapestries on it website and Instagram.

#Argentina #rugs #landscapes #rugs #tapestry #textiles

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