Morrison Library with hundreds of artists in “Tiny Art Show”

MORRISON, Ill. (KWQC) – Hundreds of artists are displaying their mini-masterpieces at the Odell Public Library in Morrison, Illinois during the month of March.

“I think our youngest artist is about 2 years old and our oldest artist is in the 90s, so I think it’s just a great collaboration in our community,” said Katie Rider, Youth Services Coordinator at the Odell Public Library.

No matter the age, all art was welcome for the first-ever ‘Tiny Art Show’ at the Odell Public Library.

After seeing similar art exhibits featured in online library groups, Youth Services Coordinator Katie Rider knew she had to bring it to Morrison.

“We have a fall event called ‘Paint the Town’ which is painting Main Street, and due to the pandemic and we’ve had construction on Main Street, we haven’t been able to do that lately. . So we thought it would be a great way to get everyone into the community. It’s also been a long winter and already a long year, so we just wanted to bring color and fun to the library,” Rider said.

The library sent 550 small 4×4 canvases and paint to local schools, nursing homes and anyone who wanted to participate.

There were 365 pieces flipped with paint, glitter, buttons or any other material the artist might use to create his mini masterpiece.

“I wanted to add a bit of crochet into it. But, at first, I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do. So I thought for a while, then I just painted a bear, then I made the cover to go on it,” said Zander Johnson, a student at Morrison’s Southside Elementary School.

Nancy Poling – Resident, Resthave Care & Rehabilitation

“I had a picture of a hummingbird and I wanted to put a message in it and that’s why there’s this little place under its head that has ‘be nice,'” said Resthave Care & Rehabilitation resident Nancy Poling. at Morrison.

Inspire all generations to exercise their artistic skills.

“I loved it. And it’s fun to see all the pictures these little kids can do, it’s amazing what these little kids can do. And it’s a wonderful thing they do with kids to get them interested in art,” said Sondra Horn, Resthave Care & Rehabilitation resident at Morrison.

“I just hope our photos can compare to kindergarten photos.” They’re really good,” Poling said.

Funding for the art exhibit was provided by Thrivent Financial and The Loft on Main, a local art gallery in Morrison.

The small art will be exhibited until the end of March. Part of the exhibit will then be moved to The Loft on Main, before being returned to the artists.

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