New art installation approved for Burlingame Bayfront | Local News

Burlingame’s Bayfront will receive a new art installation consisting of six illuminated words placed on a hill by artist Robert Barry, designed to be visible to visitors to the area, including airline passengers.

The words “become”, “believe”, “goal”, “possible”, “together” and “another” will be displayed in bright colors. The words are 10 to 20 feet long and were donated to the city by Woodside couple Lance Fung and John Talley.

“He’s a very well-known artist,” board member Michael Brownrigg said of Barry. “To be offered this opportunity is very generous.”

The board last week accepted the art and approved the costs associated with installing the words, estimated at $11,500. Costs to provide electricity to the words to light them at night were not available, but council members agreed to pledge to raise the necessary funds.

The facility is planned on a hill near the Bayside Dog Exercise Park, under the Bayfront Park Corporation yard.

“It’s exciting to think that this work is permanently installed in Burlingame,” said Fung, who is a classically trained artist and famous art curator.

The words are part of a 27-word installation originally commissioned for a temporary installation in Atlantic City. Eight words were given by Fung and Talley, however, city staff determined that two of the words were not appropriate for the site, which is near the hotels.

The mixed words were “passion” and “desire”.

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