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By MEG HERNDON | Personal editor

COLOMBIAN – The Shelby County Arts Council’s new gallery will open a week before the gallery’s own muse performs at the Song Theatre.

On Thursday, July 28, SCAC will officially open its Color + Sound Gallery to the public. The exhibit is based on the album of the same name by two-time Grammy-winning Birmingham artist Dave Crenshaw.

A lifelong musician, Crenshaw began having sight problems in 2020 which eventually led to vision loss. Color and Sound is an album created by Crenshaw based on his synesthesia, with each song named after the color he visualizes when he hears it.

Synesthesia is described as a perceptual phenomenon where someone is able to experience one of their senses through another. For Crenshaw, this means he has the ability to see colors when he hears sounds.

The art exhibit itself came to life when curator and artist Lindsay Dyess heard the album and wanted to further develop the album’s themes by creating a multi-sensory tactile art experience.

“This piece is unique because we wanted to create a tactile art exhibit that someone could touch or make noise. It’s just something interactive that even a blind or deaf visitor could still enjoy the artwork,” Dyess said.

Each artist featured in the exhibition was randomly assigned a color to represent in their work, and they were encouraged to use as many textures and interactive elements in their pieces to increase accessibility for blind and deaf viewers. .

According to the SCAC, the exhibition emphasizes accessibility for all and encourages visitors to touch, explore, browse, stand and immerse themselves in each of the installations to better understand each room.

Plus, Crenshaw himself will be at the show the night it opens and will have an artist speak with attendees. On Saturday, August 6, Crenshaw will perform his album Color and Sound live at the Shelby County Arts Council’s Song Theater. During his performance, visuals will be projected on a screen on stage to enhance the performance.

“Keep an open mind,” Crenshaw said of the experience. “Come and get ready to experience music through color and sound.”

Artists who will have works featured in the exhibition include Lindsey Dyess, Katlyn Cole, Bethany Moody, Jimmy Howard and Dan Copeland.

The sensory exhibit will open Thursday, July 28 and the reception will be from 6-8 p.m. Complimentary snacks and drinks will be available. Color + Sound will be open to the public until September 22. SCAC Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Those interested in arranging a group tour of the gallery for a group of people, organization, or school group can email [email protected] for more information.

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