POP Art Academy painting a broad shot of hope for the youth of Philly

The Power of Painting Art Academy is doing its part to save our streets.

One Sunday, several children, who have never met, gathered around brushes and good vibes in West Philadelphia.

For three years, Vanessa Young and her business partner have offered children difficult neighborhoods to come and create.

“Teisha and I are both using our skills,” Young said. “She with therapy and wellness and I with my talent for art and just connecting with kids to show them different career paths. While a lot of kids know they can be artists, the one of those young black boys could be the next Virgil Abloh and become a billionaire just because of their artistic skills. “

Nykira Murray, 12, said she felt like a free spirit when she had a brush in her hand. She focuses on her masterpieces and this helps calm the violence of the outside world.

“I just lost a cousin of mine to gun violence,” Murray explained. “It helps me a lot to make sure everything is okay. It teaches me that even if you live near the street, you don’t always have to grow up on the street or adopt the way of life.”

Young helped a student go beyond the canvas. Aaron Burke, 10, has started his own clothing brand called Aaron Athletic Apparel.

“It’s really for my love of the sport and I want people to have healthy lifestyles,” Burke remarked. “Really buy hoodies that don’t cost between $ 60 and $ 100.”

Aiden Darcisse is a 14-year-old councilor who says it’s important to have spaces like this in the city’s red zones.

“I try to tell parents that their children can come here and feel safe,” Darcisse said. “They can have friends and develop a positive energy around them.”

The perfect moment for Vanessa is seeing the children’s faces turn into a smile and their confidence take power.

“They are taught coping skills, conflict resolution skills, alternative ways of making money so that they don’t have to engage in a certain life of crime or violence,” he said. she added.

Show that these children are born with a love in their hearts that can turn into something beautiful with the right palette of care.

“Be powerful, be strong and hold your head up,” Murray said. “You are the most powerful person in the world.”

The POP Art Academy painting a broad line… to save our streets.

They have an art show on Saturday December 4th at the 49th and Pentridge. It’s their annual Fundraising with children’s artwork.



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