Posters in public places attract criticism | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: The Corporation Commissioner, Mr Prathap, on Friday sent a stern warning to advertising agencies, political parties and business establishments behind the rampant poster culture, which is spoiling the image of the city.
Along with the imposition of a fine, criminal charges will be brought against violators, Prathap said. “Action will be taken against those who hang signs on utility poles and trees. Nor will those who write on the walls be spared,” he said.
The civic body had made attempts to curb endemic poster culture in the past without much success. Flyover pillars and public walls are prime targets for violators.
The company has decided to decorate some pillars of the Gandhipuram flyover to protect them from ugly posters, but it is not possible to include all public places as part of the initiative, a senior official said. “It takes no less than 30,000 to paint a pillar. Last year we painted public walls and turned them into vibrant canvases. But it is difficult to maintain them without public support.
Action will be taken against people who erect signs and banners without permission from the district administration. The planning section has been tasked with monitoring offenders.
“Illegal hoarding will be removed and costs incurred for works will be collected from the offender,” the official added. TNN


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