Rainbow tapestries by Judit, simply layer the cut and woven yarns into textured patches


#tapestry #textiles #yarn

March 31, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Judit Just, shared with permission

Asheville-based artist Judit Just of jujujust (formerly) transforms twisted cords, skeins of cotton, and plush carpet-like tufts into traveling abstract tapestries. Suspended from thin wooden dowels painted to match their hanging counterparts, the sculptural textiles tend to billow in amorphous patches and curving lines before falling in thick patches of fringe. Just’s color palettes parallel the contrast of textures, with soft pastel tones alongside bright neon-like hues.

The artist is currently working on a large-scale tapestry for Culture Object, which opens May 10 at Culture Object, and plans to release new pieces in her shop this Friday. See more of her process on Instagram.

#tapestry #textiles #yarn

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