Sinister posters erected in Banbridge “No political purpose other than to intimidate residents” – Armagh I


A series of “sinister” and “tasteless” banners threatening violence against NI Protocol have been erected in Banbridge.

The signs, placed on streetlights in the city center, depict a man wearing a black hood and holding a gun with the words: “Our ancestors fought for our freedom and our rights. No border in the Irish Sea where we continue the fight.

The problem stems from Brexit and the NI Protocol, which means goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain are screened at ports such as Belfast and Larne, creating the de facto Irish Sea border.

Alliance adviser Eoin Tennyson said: “Officials have no other political objective than to intimidate residents and sow division.

“The overt threat of violence is disgusting, utterly unacceptable and must be condemned by all in their right mind. We raised the issue with the police.

His party colleague, Peter Lavery, added: “These sinister posters are a direct threat to the local community by faceless criminal gangs. I make a commitment to the PSNI and the competent authorities to have them withdrawn immediately.

Sinn Fein adviser Kevin Savage called the signs “very tasteless and sinister.”

“[It] begs the question, who exactly will they be fighting? Certainly not helping the city center to get back on its feet, ”he added.

It is the latest in a series of similar incidents across Northern Ireland where posters and banners have been erected, graffiti on the walls, as well as journalists under threat.

SDLP MP and Police Council member Dolores Kelly commented: “The police must take action and remove these sinister and threatening posters and those responsible for them should be prosecuted.

“There is a precedent for this, so inaction will be inexcusable. The paramilitary groups involved in the past were nothing more than sectarian murderer gangs, many of which have turned into organized crime gangs and are a plague in our community.

She added: “The only way to resolve the difficulties with the protocol is through political dialogue.

“Those who are angry should remember that this was issued courtesy of the UK government and the DUP. Unionist politicians have a responsibility to reduce their language and condemn these threats.

“I challenge one of them to say where else on these islands would such displays be tolerated?”

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