SoFi Stadium Features Kinsey’s Collection of African American Art and History

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) — SoFi Stadium is achieving many firsts this year. Just over a week ago, it hosted its first-ever Super Bowl and now features the world-renowned Kinsey Collection of African American Art and History. This is the very first art collection to be displayed at the stadium.

“We want our children and other children to understand the importance of knowing American history,” said Shirley P. Kinsey, co-founder of the Kinsey African American Art and History Collection. “And the role that African Americans have played in building this country.”

In honor of Black History Month, the art collection, which is one of the world’s largest private collections of African-American art and historical artifacts, will be open to the public at SoFi Stadium. from Wednesday.

“This collection is important because it illuminates so many unknown stories of incredible people doing incredible things and in the most difficult of circumstances,” said Khalil Kinsey, Managing Director and Chief Curator of the Kinsey African American Art and History Collection. “It’s a part of the American story that’s not shared, but what I feel is the missing link to a better understanding of our mission for progress.”

“It’s a real chance for our community to be able to see themselves and their history displayed in a way that they normally haven’t been able to see,” said Jason Witt, Senior Director of Community Affairs at SoFi Stadium and of Hollywood. Park.

Shirley, Bernard and Khalil Kinsey hope their art collection, which spans more than 50 years, can reach an even wider audience by being located at SoFi Stadium.

“People who may never have been to a museum before will come to SoFi because of the significance of this architectural structure,” said Bernard Kinsey, the other co-founder of Kinsey African American Art and History. Collection. “And they’ll get all that education and beauty associated with the Kinsey collection and I think that’s a pretty good combination.”

The exhibit which includes more than 70 artworks, sculptures and more will be on display at SoFi Stadium through April and tickets can be purchased online.

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