Spotify creates tapestries for the launch of Florence + The Machine

Dance Fever is Florence + The Machine’s first album in four years, and was created during lockdown. While its title might initially evoke disco, there’s nothing more predictable than that here, and in fact its inspiration comes more from medieval times, with one track, Choreomania, referencing the 14th century phenomenon where people dance to themselves in a manic state.

Incidentally, Florence Welch’s style has always been more Laura Ashley than club kid, so her reincarnation as some sort of Pre-Raphaelite goddess in a series of tapestries created by Tottex for the album’s Spotify release seems entirely fitting. . The illustrations featured on the tapestries are based on the designs of Dance Fever, created by Thunderwing and featuring photographs by Autumn de Wilde.

Described as the first “billboards” of tapestry, the works are on display this week at London’s Dulwich Picture Gallery, where they coincide with the launch of its new exhibition Reframed: The Woman in the Window, which explores the recurring motif of “the woman at the window” through history with more than 50 works by artists including Rembrandt van Rijn, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Louise Bourgeois, Kudzanai-Violet Hwami and Rachel Whiteread.

Speaking of the tapestry unveiling, Welch said, “Pre-Raphaelite art has been one of my musical and artistic inspirations for years, coming to life most recently through the lyrics and album creation in Dance Fever. To be transported back to my favorite era and reimagined in the style of the leading women who inspired Rossetti and Hunt is a dream I never imagined, as well as hanging in one of my most beloved galleries in my hometown in South London. ”

The three individual two-square-meter woven tapestries will hang until May 20 in the scenic gardens of the Dulwich Picture Gallery, where Welch performed in 2017. As well as getting up close to the tapestries, the public will be encouraged to scan a QR code. taking them to Spotify to enjoy the Dance Fever album experience exclusive to the music streaming platform.

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