“The Cursed” character posters bring the atmosphere [Exclusive]

You wanted original horror movies? Well you got one…in theaters today!

Critics Praise LD Entertainment’s Vicious Werewolf Horror Cursed as “haunting, heartbreaking and hypnotic” and “one of the best horror films of the year”.

In Cursedwritten and directed by Sean Ellis

“In the late 1800s, a man arrives in a remote country village to investigate a wild animal attack, only to discover a much deeper and sinister force that holds the mansion and its inhabitants in its grip.”

Bloody Disgusting has one last exclusive, a look at a trio of atmospheric character posters that feature stars Boyd Holbrookthat you may remember The predator; Kelly Reillywho not only turned in an award-worthy performance in “Yellowstone,” but also appeared in horror movies jessabelle and lake of eden; and Alistair Petrie, of Rogue One, Devil’s Playground, and Victor Frankenstein.

Check out our exclusive must-see look at the film in which Holbrook performs an autopsy on a dead werewolf. What happens is an unpleasant sequence in which a woman crawls out of the belly of the dead creature. It reminds John Carpenter The thing!


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