The evolution of Bhavishyavani’s posters over 15 years

Bhavishyavani Future Soundz and their incredibly dedicated approach to pushing new sound concoctions, sits firmly in the latter. Which would explain exactly why the label has evolved so unerringly in the 15 years since its initial conceptualization.
As they prepare to celebrate their 15th anniversary with the first year of their Eden Festival, a 3-day musical and artistic extravaganza to be held in Mumbai, we have decided to focus on an aesthetic aspect that we have always known and loved the B-crew for. Namely, their immaculately designed posters. Dating back to 1999, Bhavishyavani has created an incredibly strong identity through these aesthetics – often incorporating a modernity and relevance to otherwise thoroughly Indian elements – and while she has grown with time and technology, there is no confusion over a bhavishyavani poster when you see one. That, in a nutshell, is what we love about it. Naturally, we decided that the evolution of these designs should be chronicled for posterity. So we’ve selected some of our favorite designs over the years to showcase an evolution while paying homage to those who never stopped paying attention to detail.

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