The Last of Us 2 Fan Shares Ellie’s Beautiful Neon Art

A talented The Last of Us 2 fan creates a unique and vibrant take on one of the darkest moments in Ellie’s game.


the last of us 2 may have sparked some controversy due to its bold storytelling decisions, but there’s a large audience that loves Naughty Dog’s award-winning title. Thus, the artists who are members of this fanbase regularly share the last of us 2 work of art, and Ellie is often placed at the center of many rooms.

the last of us 2 fans shared illustrations of Ellie that show the character inside a snow globe, posters that embrace her relationship with Dina, or paintings that imagine what Ellie might look like the last of us 3. Some art also focuses on specific moments, with a recent piece by Twitter user @dianmzhang going in that direction. Posted a week ago, this artwork has gone viral for its eye-catching neon color scheme, something you wouldn’t expect to be associated with the scene the artist focused on.


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The artist perfectly captures the look on Ellie’s face as she questions Nora, with a distinct frown visible. The moment is a great way to illustrate how much revenge costs Ellie and how she isn’t able to commit acts of cruelty as easily as Joel, and forcing players to press the button to deliver blows is a choice. Brilliant from Naughty Dog. Since this scene is unforgettable, it only makes sense to honor it through artwork, and @diannzhang deserves all the praise they receive for doing so.

As mentioned earlier, what makes the “I Made It Talk” piece so special is the color palette used by the Twitter user. Ellie’s flashlight is yellow, while the rest of her is colored red – capturing the red light seen in the room where Ellie kills Nora. The background features a bright blue light, with green light present at the bottom. Both of these add to the neon aesthetic, as do the little blue dots inside Ellie’s eyes. With a weapon seen on her back and her outfit and hairstyle matching the in-game model perfectly, there are plenty of details to appreciate.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Ellie, as although there are rumors of a third game, the sequel served as a terrific stopping point for her story. Fans know they’ll see the young version of Ellie again, at least, like The last of us on HBO is slated for release next year. Alongside this television series, a remake of the first The last of us The game has been leaked by reliable sources, although nothing official has been announced.

With so many memorable moments from the last of us 2 to adapt, it would be great to see this become a real art series from @dianmzhang. Either way, fans will always have this spectacular piece to enjoy.

the last of us 2 is now available on PS4.

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