What are you up to? Christopher Payne’s canvas tapestries


Christopher Payne de Fogo says he’s always been into art and creating new things – that’s how he started creating tapestry scenes in Newfoundland cloth and canvas.

“I’ve had [painters’] canvases all over the place and I used to see people quilting and doing textile art, ”said Payne, who is a grade 12 student.

“So I thought using twine and canvas would be cool.”

Payne sews strips of fabric into the canvas to create depictions of landscapes and landscapes around Newfoundland.

Christopher Payne says he begins each image with a rock, then works outward from there. (Courtesy of Christopher Payne)

Payne said before he starts he chooses a color scheme for the fabric and then he creates his scene as he sews.

” I start by [sewing] a rock, ”Payne said.

“If you show the boulder first, you can go from there.”

Payne hopes to create enough tapestries to put on a solo art exhibition.

He said he takes a lot of inspiration from the guest artists who spend time on Fogo Island, courtesy of the Shorefast Foundation.

Christopher Payne de Fogo is working on creating enough canvas tapestries to put on a solo art exhibition. (courtesy Christopher Payne)

However, Payne said he raises a few eyebrows among women shopping at his favorite local fabric supply store.

“They think it’s weird that a 17-year-old could sew a picture like that.”

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