Why CanvasDiscount.com canvas prints are the feature wall solution you’ve been waiting for


Looking for a way to redraw a wall or small room with your own digital photos, but can’t find the scale? It’s time to consider canvas prints.

While using your own print can save you time and money, you will be amazed at the quality of the canvases from CanvasDiscount.com. They are big, colorful and, above all, affordable.

Printing digital photos at home: forgettable and expensive

Since the development of low budget photo printers, printing photos at home has been easy, albeit expensive. These days, photo printers can be integrated with standard document printers, but ink is still expensive, as is paper. Cheaper options seem like the price, but in the end, even the best photos can be dropped into a box or photo album and forgotten.

Even photos in frames can get overlooked when new items arrive in your room, redecorating, or just rearranging the ornaments and furniture. The small photos on a shelf are quite pretty, but nothing is quite as amazing as a good digital photo printed on canvas.

Get the WOW factor with a canvas print

canvas prints

With vibrant colors and a range of sizes for all uses, canvas prints of CanvasDiscount.com can have a huge impact on your room.

Perhaps you are planning a single image, canvas collage, or wall display of multiple linked prints. CanvasDiscount offers all of these options and more. Simply measure your wall, determine how much space you want the canvas to occupy, and choose your images.

Canvas prints are affordable with CanvasDiscount

Another reason to use CanvasDiscount for your canvas prints is the price. You can take advantage of massive discounts by using CanvasDiscount rather than going to the local canvas print store.

Backed by a “US Lowest Price Guarantee” and backed by solvent-free HP latex inks, CanvasDiscount is also incredibly easy to use.

You also get free shipping on orders over $ 70 – a great way to create your wall of canvas print features without maximizing your budget on shipping costs.

The canvases are available in a range of sizes, from 8×8 inches to 40×60 inches, all with a thickness of 0.75 inches. Different edge designs are available, which CanvasDiscount.com also offers a framing option. There is also an optional hanger kit with every canvas purchase.

How to make a canvas with CanvasDiscount

canvas prints

If you want to do a canvas print with CanvasDiscount, you will be happy to learn how easy it is. There’s no refilling the paper tray, no worry about ink levels, and no time wasted reinstalling your printer. Everything is done online, the finished canvases are shipped to you a few days later.

Start by organizing the photos you want to print on a canvas into a single photo. This saves time and is especially useful if you are printing a thematic collection of digital photos.

Once you’ve done that, head over to www.canvasdiscount.com and click Upload photos. Go to the photo folder and select the images, then wait for them to download.

When prompted, click Use image to select the photo to work on first. Here select canvas size, edge style, if you want to use a mounting kit, etc., resize and reposition as needed. When you are satisfied, click Add to Cart – this will take you back to the rest of the images you downloaded.

Repeat for all the snaps you plan to print until you are done, then head to the Basket to pay. CanvasDiscount has a secure payment option, or you can use PayPal or Amazon Pay.

Redecorate your home office with amazing personal prints

Canvas prints can redefine a room by highlighting the people, places and good times that made you who you are. Individual canvas prints, an image gallery, maybe one image on multiple canvases – all of this and more are available on CanvasDiscount.

Forget about small photos in frames. Give your digital photos the love they deserve with a canvas print.

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