Wichita wife perfects tiny art

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Imagine being able to see a painted cityscape of Wichita or the penny-sized Guardian of the Plains. In the field of micro art, it is possible.

Kyla Sturchio, 33, is a self-taught artist with a knack for creating anything small.

“Most people would actually consider my 3-inch stuff to be small art, micro art, but I still think that’s too big,” Sturchio laughed.

tiny art start

Sturchio started her small art in 2018. She was working in a subway on the west side of Wichita when she found a painted rock near the door.

“I went to open up, kicked the rock and was like, ‘What is this? “”

After some research, she discovered ICT Area ROCKS!, a local Facebook group for painting, hiding and finding rocks in the city.

“I owe everything to this group. If I hadn’t found that rock, it wouldn’t have happened one day,” she said. “During that week I bought some really cheap paint and started painting.”

Soon after, Sturchio got even more inspiration from social media.

Courtesy: Kyla Sturchio

“In one of my art groups on Facebook, a lot of people started painting coins, and pennies were really popular. I thought, ‘well, that’s really cool. I want to try that I want to challenge myself,’ so I made a few cents, and I found that I really liked it, and I was actually pretty good at it,” she said.

How good is this? Sturchio began publishing some of his works online, mostly landscapes painted on small rocks. She quickly sold out. Joyland’s former owner even commissioned some of his work from him.

“It brought back a lot of memories for a lot of people. They said, ‘I used to work there, or I used to go there every summer.’ All those memories come back, so I really like painting urban stuff too,” Sturchio explained.

Sturchio said she is inspired by her surroundings.

“I see colors probably more than other people. I’m going to look at the landscape and be like, ‘oh, there’s all these colors in this landscape right now. I could paint that,'” she said.

No magnifying glass, no problem

The 33-year-old said many people were amazed at her ability to create such detailed images in such a tiny space.

“I get a lot of people asking me, ‘How do you paint so small? Don’t you use a magnifying glass? I hear that so often. I don’t,'” she said.

Sturchio relies on his good eyes, a steady hand and, of course, very small paintbrushes to get the job done.

“I don’t even know how to describe it. You get a pretty small brush and you have enough patience to really learn how to do it,” she said.

Sturchiso said she tries to paint a few hours a week between work and her family schedule. Eventually, she would like to turn the hobby into a full-time gig.

“There’s something peaceful about just being able to go and sit and paint for a while, and the world can just go away, and you can just enjoy the process. Whether you’re good or bad, little It’s the creation that’s important,” she said.

Sturchio is not currently doing commission work. She does, however, sell some of her pieces on her Facebook page. Prices range from $35 to $50.

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