Will canvas prints replace classic photos? Experts weigh

Digital cameras and virtual storage have transformed our attitude towards photography – people now take a lot more corn print much less photos that a few decades ago. But despite this digital revolution, the photo printing industry is definitely still alive, thanks in large part to new printing media such as canvas.

These days, you can see canvas photo prints pretty much anywhere you look. They decorate homes, offices and even public spaces. So does the growing popularity of the canvas mean that we will see the decline of traditional photo paper prints? To find the answer, we reached out to the printing experts at BestCanvas.ca.

Canvas prints vs traditional photos

First of all, let’s clearly distinguish these two types of wall decoration.

A canvas print sees your image reproduced on a piece of canvas which is then stretched over an inner frame (usually wood). Canvas prints are physically substantial pieces that can be displayed without an exterior decorative frame.

However, traditional photos are paper thin and should be displayed in sturdy frames to achieve that classic “wall decor” look.

Framed photos have been popular since the dawn of the age of photography, but these days canvas prints offer a different take on wall art. Let’s take a look at what makes canvas prints stand out in the diverse custom printing industry.

Why choose canvas printing?

According to specialists BestCanvas.ca, the most common reasons people choose canvas prints are:

1. Versatile

With their simple lines and borderless edges, canvas prints easily fit into a wide range of decors. Plus, they can be displayed in a number of ways: you can hang them, lean them against the wall, or even place smaller formats in your empty storage space.

2. Glare-free

Framed photos are usually covered with polished glass that reflects sunlight and other sources. This can result in highlights that distract from the beauty of the prints. In contrast, canvas prints have a satin matte finish which ensures a glare-free surface even in well-lit interiors.

3. Compatible with wallets

In general, canvas prints are sold at lower prices than other types of wall decoration (metal prints, framed photos, etc.). Canvas is a superbly affordable decor option that can give your room a sophisticated look without breaking the bank.

4. Durable

If you buy your canvas prints from a reputable supplier, they should stay in good condition for many years without needing a lot of care. Just keep your canvas away from direct sunlight and heat sources and you can enjoy it for decades.

Can classic photos compete with canvas prints?

Many printing companies print photos on a wide variety of media. BestCanvas.ca, for example, offers acrylic prints, canvas prints, aluminum composite panel prints, traditional framed photos and more.

You can use a variety of criteria to choose the right print medium for you: what photos you are having printed, the ambiance of the room they will be displayed in, and your overall interior design scheme. Framed photos are ideal for formal portraits, while canvas prints are great for large panoramas, travel photos, and family photos.

And there is no need to stick to the same medium in a given room. The gallery wall idea is more popular than ever – an eclectic collection of framed photos, canvas prints, posters, postcards and other personal treasures, displayed in groups on the wall. A gallery wall allows you to creatively display your best memories – and using contrasting elements, such as canvas prints with framed photos, can bring wonderfully striking results.

So, will classic photos survive?

Traditional photos aren’t going away any time soon. Framed photos are a timeless design solution, and they can blend into a range of contemporary interiors as well as more classic decorating schemes.

But as the unique qualities of the canvas become better known, there is no doubt that the popularity gap between the two print sizes will continue to narrow.

The most important thing to keep in mind when ordering any type of wall decoration is this: Whatever your printing substrate preference, you should choose a supplier that offers high definition printing, professional materials and framing services as standard. It shouldn’t be too expensive – shop online and you’ll find great deals. For example, on BestCanvas.ca, prices for wall decorations start at just CA $ 7.30!

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